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An exceptional experience to touch your heartstrings of authentic Japanese culture.

A tailor-made plan for a truly memorable experience

We provide precious experiences
that will touch your heartstrings.

Taking experiences to the skies and the seas in Japan will allow you to experience Japanese culture specially and uniquely, and make the best of your precious time. We create exclusive, personally tailored travel itineraries by private jet, helicopter or yacht, and enjoy your favourite drinks and treats onboard.

Private overnight stay plan
at the World Heritage
Ninnaji Temple

Staying one night at Ninnaji Temple is an exclusive experience and allows you to indulge in a unique cultural experience.

Once the temple gate has closed for the day, guests can stroll around the temple.

You can enjoy drinks, a beautiful moon-view over Japanese gardens, and gagaku (courtly music) performance while dining on traditional vegetarian temple cuisine (shojin ryori) at a place not open to the public.

Please enjoy the historical entertainment you can experience only here.

Memorable cultural experience: Private gagaku performance at Ninnaji Temple

Here is the best place you can relax away from the noise of the city, blend with nature, come into contact with traditional Japanese culture, and learn historical background.

It is a real pleasure to enjoy the charm of the ancient city in a mysterious and sacred atmosphere.

We have many unknown charms that are unique to Japan in a rural area where old tradition is still alive.

Our mission

  1. Expand Japan's fan base and deepen understanding with people from all around the world.
  2. Share the beauty of Japan's landscapes, culture and hospitality through high quality and special experiences.
  3. Support world peace and the future of Japanese culture.

The quest for an even more
exceptional experience

Grace provides helicopters and private jets, tools that allow you to make the very best of your precious time and to enjoy many exceptional experiences.

  • EC130
    Cruise speed 203.5km/h
    Passengers 6
  • CJ1
    Cruise speed 704km/h
    Passengers 4

For example, if you are staying in Kyoto and want to go to Koyasan the next day, it will take you more than 2 hours to get there by train, but only 30 minutes by helicopter.

You can enjoy an exceptional Japanese cultural experience while travelling elegantly around Japan by helicopter or private jet.

Kyoto Plus full of
exceptional experiences

Grace operates "Kyoto Plus" as a collection of reference plans for experiencing exceptional Japanese culture.


Firstly, you will have the opportunity to experience Japanese culture in Kyoto, and after staying in Kyoto, you will visit other parts of Japan by helicopter or private jet to enjoy the culture and food there.

We are happy to accept either custom-made plans based on Kyoto-Plus, or tailor-made plans from scratch. Please let us hear your requests.

To provide a more exceptional experience

Grace is a company founded on the concept of how to please the wealthy.

In order to realise this concept, we have accumulated know-how to produce exceptional plans by partnering with experts in various fields.

[Connecting with the wealthy... Success Future Ltd.][Helicopter and jet operation - Takumi Aviation][Experience Plan Produce... KYOTOyui]

Link to each partner site

We will offer our services and membership community for the wealthy to companies that provide services to high net worth individuals.

Through synergy, we can expect to develop each other by providing a higher quality and exceptional service. For questions, collaboration, please contact us here.

About Grace

Company Name Grace Ltd.
Representative Yuna Fujii
Address #701, 3-40, Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka-Pref., 530-0011, Japan
Business purposes We work on creative, unique, and professional solutions to tasks entrusted to us.
We meet the needs of our clients through unique solutions.
  1. Web consulting
  2. Hosting & security
  3. Online advertising, Analysis
  4. Collection and provision of information and materials on domestic and international travel
  5. Digital marketing, Web systems development, Website development,Strategy & insights
  6. All other services related to each business
Date Founded 11th May, 2021
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